Behind the Scenes at Brainly

Our Blog Is Asking Big Questions (And Getting Even Bigger Answers)

Let me welcome you to Brainly, the world’s largest community of students and learners. We began in 2009 with an ambitious objective: to create a safe, moderated community where students worldwide could gain access to high-quality information and expert mentorship. It worked. Since our founding Brainly has grown into a buzzing community tens of millions strong, highlighting how students have long needed a personalized response to their pursuit of knowledge online.

With a learning community operating at such an immense scale we have the chance to identify patterns, locally and globally, in students’ needs. Over the past two years we’ve been seeking guidance from parents, scholars, and expert educators to understand how to use those patterns to produce meaningful improvements in student learning outcomes.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Brainly’s blog, where over the coming school-year I’ll be sharing our discoveries with you. I want to welcome you to join us behind the scenes at Brainly to see how our partnerships with top universities, our outreach to parents and educators, and our contributions to academic and technology forums are helping Brainly become a leading voice in social learning. Keep an eye on this space. We’ve got big things coming.

Katie Sagan
Head of Operations and Strategy
Brainly, Inc.

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